Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Part I

We had my family over for a barbeque and games on Easter. We also had an Easter Egg Hunt for Hunter (see pictures below). We ate then played some badmitton. We were going to have an Easter Egg coloring contest but everyone got tired and so we just drew for the prizes. We all had a great time. How fun to be with family.

A group of us after we ate sitting around and talking.
Had to throw this picture in so we could see how Alicia is growing. Baby Abigail will be here a just a few more weeks. Yea, another grandchild on my side that is in Utah and someone for Hunter to play with. Next year he will be helping her find the eggs.

How much more fun can this little guy have? He found his Easter wagon from Grandma and Grandpa (sucker included) and now he is off.

In his Easter wagon was a squirt gun. Mom showed him how to use it and then he began squirting it. Mostly at himself but he thought it was fun no matter what. Check out the water going straight up in the air. His eyes are closed because he kept squirting himself in the face.

Grandma and Hunter enjoying the sun.

Easter Part II

Jess and Hunter. Look how cute his Easter outfit isHunter and I looking for eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt.He found one. Hunter did so well picking up the eggs. He was so excited when he saw one, would run over to it, then put them in his basket and was off looking for more.
Just look at this determined face he had. He is going to find all the eggs. Oh wait, he is the only one looking since he is the only granchild here right now. But not for long Abby will be here soon.Is this the face of one happy kid or what!