Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alicia's Baby Shower

Myself, Paula, Grandma, Jess, Courtney and Candace had a baby shower for Alicia at Candace's house. We had around 22 people who were there. She received alot of really nice things for her new baby girl Abigail. We can't wait for her arrival.

Here is Alcia showing off her new little tummy. Not so big for someone who will be delivering in about five to six weeks. She looks so cute.

Here were the refreshments for the shower. Jess and I made the diaper cake for her. It turned out so darn cute.

Alicia opening some gifts she received at the shower.

A new pink blanket for little Abby.

Hunter helping with the little candy favor's. (Helping yeah thats what he was doing).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carson's Tennis in St George

Carson had a high school tennis tournament down in St George and Brian, I, and Derek went down to watch. Carson plays #1 doubles for Davis High and his partner is Tyler Davis. They did so well. The team went to the finals. Carson and His partner lost in a third set tie break to the rival Viewmont. Carson and his partner are looking forward to matching up with them again during region play.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Midway Part I

We got the opportunity to go and stay in Midway for a few days with our family. We have some great friends (Gary and Wendy Graham) who let us use their house. What a fun place. We got to do some sledding, snowmobiling, Ty fished-we watched, relaxing, and had some good family bonding time. Thanks Gary and Wendy for letting us share your beautiful place.
Carson, Derek, and Ty went sledding down this hill. It doesn't look that big in the pictures but we took them up on the snowmobiles and they came down. Brian followed behind on the snowmobile to see how fast they were going and it hit the 40 mph mark. Thank goodness for helmets.
This is Carson. They were going so fast I didn't know quite when to take the picture. They had a great time.

Hunter got to sled as well. He loved it best when daddy pulled him around.

Lunch break in between sledding and snowmobiling.

Midway Part II

Me, Hunter, Jess and Ty just getting done with a ride.
Hunter, Tyler and Jess. Hunter loved riding the snowmobiles. Anything that goes fast is what he likes.

This was the first time Derek had been snowmobiling since he has been home from his mission. He had a great time.

The family kicking back and watching a movie after a day full of sledding and snowmobiling.

In the house we stayed in there were these steep stairs that of course Hunter loved to go up and down. It was great fun to spend a few days with the whole family and enjoy the outdoors.