Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Eagles are Landing

Our family went and looked at the eagles out at Farmington Bay. We went with Tyler, Jess & Hunter as well as The Richards Family. We had a good time watching the eagles come in as well as watching the Pelican's fish. How fun to have something so close.

Dinner After The Eagles

After we went and saw the eagles we all met at Robintino's in Bountiful and ate. It was alot of fun enjoying the wonderful company of both families.
Tyler and Jess
Brian and I

Cal and Cheryl Richards

Jake, Corey, Grant, Lilly, and Harris Richards

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

For Valentines Day we didn't do too much. Brian and I made a steak and crab dinner and ate in. The kids were either working or at friends. It was nice just to spend some time alone together. Love ya Bri!. The day before Tyler and Jess brought Hunter over and we gave him his Valentine treat. Below this post, I posted a close up shot of the shovel, card's and pillow boxes I gave my kids. Hope everyone had a great day.
Grandpa giving Hunter his Valentine Treat.
Hunter holding his treat. I love this look on his face.

Mommy helping Hunter open it up. He loved opening the kisses candy and then just putting the chocolate aside then opening another.

Grandma and Hunter.

I love his smile. He just brightens your day with it.

Valentines Day Treats & Cards

I had so much fun this year making cards and treats for family. Hope they enjoyed them.

Hunters "I Dig U" shovel.
Hunter's Valentine Card

Adults valentine cards

Adult's pillow treat boxes. (sorry I didn't know how to rotate).

Grandma Day!

I have to say I am pretty lucky and fortunate. I get to spend one day a week with my Grandson Hunter. Since the moment I found out that Jess was pregnant I told her I wanted to be able to have a Grandma Day once a week. We have just started do this and I must say I LOVE IT! I look forward to this day each week and to be able to do nothing but play with him. I can't wait until it gets warmer so I can take him and do things outside. I know I am truly blessed to be able to have the time to do this.
Thanks Ty and Jess for allowing me such special moments that I wouldn't trade for the world. Here are some pictures of Hunter just being Hunter.
Hunter is the smartest kid. He tries so hard to be as big as everyone else is. Here he is trying to get himself some water. Thank goodness for locks.
He loves to play hide and seek. He's just checking to make sure Grandma is watching.

I love to just go in and sit by and watch him play with all his toys. He is such a curious boy.

We bought Hunter a tool bench for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. He now has big tools like dad.

He thinks he is really making things. Too cute!