Thursday, March 12, 2009

Midway Part I

We got the opportunity to go and stay in Midway for a few days with our family. We have some great friends (Gary and Wendy Graham) who let us use their house. What a fun place. We got to do some sledding, snowmobiling, Ty fished-we watched, relaxing, and had some good family bonding time. Thanks Gary and Wendy for letting us share your beautiful place.
Carson, Derek, and Ty went sledding down this hill. It doesn't look that big in the pictures but we took them up on the snowmobiles and they came down. Brian followed behind on the snowmobile to see how fast they were going and it hit the 40 mph mark. Thank goodness for helmets.
This is Carson. They were going so fast I didn't know quite when to take the picture. They had a great time.

Hunter got to sled as well. He loved it best when daddy pulled him around.

Lunch break in between sledding and snowmobiling.

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jEsSiCa said...

That was a blast! I'm glad we finally found a camera to capture the snowmobiling:) Thanks for a fun end to winter! Luv ya!